Challenges & Opportunities in the Seafood Industry Workshop set to take place at Docville Farm on Monday, February 6, 2017

The seafood industry has been challenged in recent years by external factors, including the influx of lower priced seafood from international markets, the long-term impacts from the oil spill, and potential damage to fisheries from diversions. There have been recent efforts to support the industry, including workforce development and direct marketing initiatives; however, challenges remain. This workshop will discuss the legacy of the seafood industry and lessons learned from recent initiatives that can be used to support commercial fishing in the future.  Click Here for More Info


Andrew Jacques, Working on the Water

Dominque Seibert, LSU AgCenter

Nic Dixon, Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana

Brad Robin, Robin Seafood



This workshop is a series in the Water Challenge, an initiative funded by the Greater New Orleans Foundation, supported by the Economic Development Administration, and generously sponsored by Entergy Corporation.